Italian Stallion

Italian Stallion

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Sylvester Stallone`s first film role was Party at Kitty and Stud`s, a sexploitation movie which was shot in 1970 when Sly was 24. Sly`s passion for acting was spotted by Stephen Verona when Sly helped a friend at an acting class with a scene from Death of a Salesman at New York`s prestigious Herbert Berghof school. Verona remembered Sly and a few months afterwards asked him to audition for The Lords of Flatbush, and the rest is history. Party at Kitty and Stud`s was never released. However once Rocky was underway it was re-edited and released as ITALIAN STALLION which was also Sly`s nickname prior to Rocky. Sly plays the part of Stud whose world revolves entirely around sex, sex, and more sex, an interest he shares with his way-out friends and his girl Kitty who likes her men mean and muscular! Stallone acknowledged in a Playboy interview that he was paid a mere $200 for his role in the film.

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